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  • Welcome to the Ferme d’Ambert

    Located in Montpeyroux, a few minutes from Laguiole, La ferme d’Ambert is a real family adventure whose project has been affirmed over the generations. We produce and ripen our cheese on site, according to the traditional methods inherited from the monks and buroners of Aubrac. We also produce home-made ice cream, the “Les glaces de l’Aubrac”.

    Concerned about preserving the environment and the health of all, we are currently in conversion to obtain a Biodynamics label.

    The farm water is dynamised in order to regain the beneficial properties of a revitalised water and, in accordance with the requirements and specifications of the Syndicat de défense et de promotion du fromage de Laguiole AOP(PDO), the cows graze in the meadows for at least 120 days during the summer period. In winter, their diet consists mainly of hay from the area of the designation of origin.

    Only two breeds of cows are approved: Aubrac and Simmental, chosen for their cheese-making ability and their adaptation to the altitude of our region.

    ” Cows here have horns and they eat grass for grazing throughout the summer season! “

    The Aubrac plateau is a privileged place for breeding and cheese production, renowned for the quality of its pastures with their rich and diversified flora, it benefits from a profusion of plant species that perfume the milk and thus give it unique aromas.

    In the family of uncooked pressed cheeses, the Laguiole Farm Cheese PDO is a cheese with character, ideal to enhance your cheese platter or your aperitifs with friends. It is also an excellent ally in cooking since it is delicious in gratins but also for making soups, spreads or cheese-crispy dishes.


    Laguiole Farm Cheese Daniel Pègues PDO

    In accordance with the PDO specifications, our farm cheese is matured for a minimum of 120 days. The colour of its coat, its taste and the texture of its dough evolve slowly under the action of time. Young, it is characterized by a supple but firm texture and a fruity and milky taste suitable for the majority of people.

    After 6 months of maturing, it is characterized by a supple and melting texture. Its intense and balanced taste exhales the scent of fresh hay and floral notes from raw milk and the richness of Aubrac’s vegetation.

    Over time, it will become a cheese of character with an intense and full-bodied taste that will seduce connoisseurs. The milky and floral taste of its youth is replaced by a complex aromatic power.

    La Ferme d’Ambert is first and foremost a family affair!

    It was in 1933 that Jean and Pélagie Pègues arrived in Ambert to develop the breeding of suckler cows. The 1960s marked the arrival of dairy cows when one of their sons, Michel, and his wife Ginette, settled on the farm. This period fits with the creation of the Jeune Montagne dairy cooperative, which was at the time based in La Terrisse.

    In 1998, just 20 years ago, Daniel took over his parents’ farm. Today, it is with this children’s help, Alexandre and Manon, that he is developing this new cheese project with the objective of converting it into biodynamics.


    Les glaces de l’Aubrac

    In order to satisfy young and old gourmets, in 2019, we decided to diversify our activity with the manufacture of home-made ice cream made on site with the farm’s own milk.

    We offer you classic flavours (vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, salted butter caramel, coffee, strawberry, raspberry…) but also more subtle flavours, derived from our Aubracian flora (Aubrac tea, meadowsweet, agastache…).

    Discover our farmhouse ice cream “Les glaces de l’Aubrac” !



    Our farm is located if the Laguiole Cheese PDO area

    Daniel Pègues
    12210 Montpeyroux
    06 87 09 52 81